Céad Mile Fáilte to Ballyboy C.C.É.

Ballyboy CCÉ delivers a wide ranging program to the local community and beyond, designed to promote, support and safeguard our Heritage and the cultural identity of our Irish nation. 

Our Branch membership over the last few years has averaged around 300 per year, a testament to the esteem in which the branch and that which it represents, is held. 

We are inherently proud of our traditional music, song, dance, storytelling and Irish language. We appreciate the efforts made by our forefathers to ensure its survival in times of extreme deprivation for Ireland.

To become a member of Comhaltas it is not necessary to play an instrument, dance or sing. The only requirement is a love or “gra” for the traditions and a desire to be involved at any level. 

Togetherness is key to success. Every member has a role to play, from the performer to the tea maker and every role is valued.

Volunteers and family members providing support and practical help are held in high regard. Volunteering plays an integral part in the ongoing success of our branch and all Comhaltas activities.

Becoming a member of Ballyboy Comhaltas is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The benefits of being part of an active working group cannot be underestimated, from the friendships formed and the skills acquired to the sense of purpose and satisfaction at a job well done. 

An array of diverse activities such as workshops, concerts, sessiúns, classes and more allow for engagement of all ages and levels. 

We strive to encourage and assist all our young and not so young musicians to begin and progress on their musical journey in life. There is something for everyone here.


Ballyboy Branch